09 Sep 2018

You’re spending oodles of time pouring over social media and trying to get your message heard… And we are here to say STOP IT!

So much happens so fast online that unless you have the team and budget to get in front of the major brands that buy up the space your message will be missed. That is why we are huge fans of having an extremely refined niche and a consistent dialogue with ONLY your perfect clients. Positively impact them while giving them massive value throughout… this is how you show them that you care, are experts and that you have the solution to their pain point with your product or service.

Take a look at this graphic which is currently being shared around various social media sites:

You can see that the sheer amount of connectivity during just 1 second online will not allow you to be heard outside of your closest followers.  And even in that group it takes time for your true message to get across.

We suggest you focus on a few key areas and be consistent in just that:

  • Pick a platform – Spend quality time on just one or two platforms and build your audience there before seeking new realms to dive into.
  • Tell your followers what to do next – All to often potential clients are not clearly guided into what the next step is. Tell Them! Make it super simple and they will be more likely to go there.
  • Send them to a Specific Place – Once your message is heard send them to a specific page on your website NOT the home page. Make the wording on that page speak directly to them and carry on the focused messaging that brought them there. Also make sure the page is on brand and looks and feels like what brought them there too.
  • Make it as simple as possible – multiple steps, questions and clicks will take many out of your process. Make it as easy as possible and only have them do the bare minimum that you need to make the conversion.

Happy Converting!


  1. Dawn Carson says:

    I really needed this today. Just looking at creating a content calendar and overwhelmed by all the platforms. As B2B I think I’ll stick to figuring out Linked in and Facebook. I’ll drop Twitter as it just irritates me how fast it moves and how often you have to post. I may still use IG but less. Thoughts?

    1. ITLJames says:

      I would suggest Facebook first, LinkedIn second (knowing your service). If you feel you can effectively connect with people in your niche visually and share satellite content that matters to them (pieces that are not directly in your niche but lend well to it or support it) then I would also deploy Instagram as well. Keep in mind Instagram and Facebook both allow your potential customers to get to know you a little more personally than LinkedIn does.

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