Cindy Weber

Corporate Team

Cindy brings with her an extensive background of helping others achieve greatness through coaching, mentoring and empowering which is based on her own life experiences and education. With years of training and real life experience in psychology, self help and empowerment Cindy loves to pass on her knowledge and passion for leading an authentic life and being true to ones wants and needs.

Cindy has created, lead, facilitated and attended hundreds of empowerment seminars, inspiration sessions and mentoring groups. Living a life that is devoted to making a difference and being an example, Cindy understands what our past culture does to constrain what we can be in today’s age. Cindy’s one true path in life is to shift the world view of sexuality and living an expressed life while continually inviting people to step into a bigger better self.

In business Cindy is the force in the room that bring ideas to the table. A constant thinker, Cindy has an uncanny ability to see big picture objectives while bringing the creative passion along with them. She inspires others to achieve greatness and lives to empower all that she meets.

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